SSS – The Mulligan Man Short Story

Dakota Trace sat in Ms. Myers’ third period English class. As usual, the woman had her blonde hair stacked high on her head.  He watched the web of hair move in one heaping mound as she crossed the room. She reminded him of Marge Simpson, and had once told his class she slept with her head hanging off the edge of the bed to prevent her hair from getting matted. He imagined all the blood rushing to her face and the ensuing explosion, which would keep her out of the classroom for weeks. It had yet to happen.

The Mulligan man was written for The Japan Release Anthology Project at Astraea Press.  All proceeds go to this charity.  You can purchase it at the following link:


Monique O’Connor James
Author of:  “The Keepers” and “The Mulligan Man”
Twitter:               mjames13

SSS – The Keepers now available.

Justin doubted they could spend eight hours without fighting.
Trying to relate to Jess was a bit like skydiving without a parachute. Every
time he reveled in his grasped on her thought process, she overreacted or chose
not to react at all. None of her histrionics bothered him anymore. He had been
commissioned by her guardians, to wait for her, and for three hundred years, he
had done just that. Now that she was with him, he didn’t intend to let her
escape his protection.

The Keepers is now available at in ebook format and at for preorder of print copies to be ready in July.

The Keepers Available 6/7/11 – Six Sentence Sunday

She heard a low chuckle and glanced up, to see the stranger with dark hair standing over her. As her face heated with embarrassment, beads of sweat formed at her hair-line. She assumed it would have been too much, for God to spare her, this one time. Exasperated with her lack of social graces, she exhaled and her breath formed in a cloud of
vapor. The wind blowing through the open door, was hot and Jess regretted the
mixed drink she’d ordered just before getting up, as it was playing with her
mental stability. Her Coach bag dangled from his steady hand, and his smile
stabbed at the bit of dignity she had managed to salvage.

“The Keepers”  will be available at  June 6, 2011

Monique O’Connor James

Six Sentence Sunday: The Keepers

It was rather difficult not to feel sorry for himself. He was utterly surrounded by the stench of humanity. He had asked for this very thing. He’d wanted to commune with them, be part of their world, but he’d soon discovered they repulsed him. He watched the human race and wondered how they managed to take their faultless existence, and make it
complete crap. So he passed his time on days off watching the horrid humans, and even he found it pathetic.

Writers, Six Sentence Sunday, the lovely brainchild of the lovely Sara Brookes, is an excellent way to have fun and connect with readers and other writers. Click here for next week’s edition and join the fray.

“The Keepers”  will be available at

Monique O’Connor James