Reviews – What Readers and Critics Are Saying About My Work.

Jamais Vu

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Barnes & Noble:

And Astraea Press:

The Word from Readers:

CAPTIVATING – “Jamais Vu is the story about a girl given a second chance at life.” “Monique writes stories that make you think, that make you doubt, and also challenge the way you live your life. I honestly don’t even know how to review this book because I’m still sitting in stunned silence at this point. ”  Rachel Van Dyken – Author of Regency Romance Novels  – see the entire review here:

CAN SHE GET ANY BETTER?  “She already was a great writer, but I feel her character and story-line developments, along with her writing style have progressed even more so. I truly feel she could become one of the ‘big dogs,’ so to speak. ”  Ressa Empbra – Author and Reviewer – see the entire review here:

FIVE STARS ISN’T ENOUGH “Five stars isn’t enough for Jamais Vu, you need an entire galaxy for it, well done Monique, I can’t wait for Deja Vu, the sequel to Jamais Vu!”  –Cassidy for Clus All Night Preview – See the entire review here:

The Keepers

Available at:






Barnes and Noble:

And Astraea Press:

A BEAUTIFUL ANGEL STORY:  “Everything a person loves about a book is in The Keepers: Romance (though it is different from other romances, in a good way though), action, a great plot that is original, a fantastic setting, loveable characters, beautiful writing (I enjoyed the bits of information Rory and Asher threw in)sexy angels, and a breath-taking ending.”  Kristina Haecker – Reviewer and Reader – See the entire review at

AN AMAZING READ:  “I was completely pulled in from the beginning and it was so hard to put down. A book about God, faith, angels, tragedy, heartbreak, danger, good & evil. With amazing and exciting characters, who will have you laughing, crying, in disbelief and maybe throw in a little anger.”  Stacey – Reader Reviewer.  See complete review at:

I’ll post more of my favorites as they become available!  Check them out and hope you enjoy!!!


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