By day I am a wife, mom, and insurance agent, all of which I love dearly.  By night, I fancy myself an author who walks the genre tightrope between paranormal romance and paranormal women’s fiction.

You can find me at the computer writing, editing, and sometimes pulling my hair out at various hours of the day and night. I think that I may have an addiction to music…it is possible that at some point as a child I was on Letterman with my mom doing stupid pet tricks.  My trick is to name that tune in three notes.  Useless, but entertaining.

You never know what will pop up on my blog it may be writing issues today, and the girl who ignored me at Walgreens forcing me to realize the 2007 GMC Acadia comes standard with an invisibility button tomorrow.  I will attempt to stay on track, but because I suffer from a raging case of ADHD and a milder case of OCD, read at your own risk.

Life is an adventure, and it usually makes me laugh.  If I say something that rubs you wrong, then it was probably tongue in cheek and you should ignore it.

I hope to make more connections with the writers and readers in the world and I can’t wait to get to know you!

Okay I’ve tried several things with this blog and I’m learning and growing.  Here’s the plan…as it should be there is no plan.  I may or may not write about writing or something else really ridiculous and maybe then you can simply get to know me.  No telling what you’ll find but enjoy.






3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey lady~ Gotcha ‘followed,’ lol! You mind doing the same? I’d certainly appreciate it! We will get us both more traffic!! I declare it! Lol! Have a great day!


    ~Ressa~ 😀

  2. Good morning, Monique…
    Fascinating first page…I too love history and ghosts. As luck would have it, I live in Charleston, SC, and have been to Ft. Sumter several times. You can almost hear the shots, yells, and cannon fire as you walk it’s shores. We also have quite the population of ghosts, as I’m sure you know, and there are many ghost walks and tours through the downtown area. If you’ve never been, you should visit sometime. Be well.

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