Book Demolish Derby Winners!

Below are the Winners of the Book Demolition Derby! Thanks for playing and I’ll get the authors to contact you!

Shadow Kohler –
Signed Books – The Keepers, Jamais Vu, Spartan Heart, Secret Santa, Alien in the Family, Her Kind of Man, A New Dream
PDFS – His Chosen Bride, Aegean Intrigue, The Legacy
Denise Zaky –
Signed Books – Mirrored, Sucker for a Hot Rod, Foreshadow, Eternal Witch, Supernova
PDFS – The Keepers, Jamais Vu, Deja Vu,
Jen McGowan –
Signed Books – Seeker of Shadows, All that Matters
PDFS- The Mulligan Man, Spartan Heart Part One, Spartan Heart Part Two
Diane Burton –
PDFS- Spartan Surrender, Secret Santa, Unfiltered, Legend of The Oceania Dragon, Vala Agenda, Vala Heritage, Battlefield, The Sentence, Imperfect Beauty
Ann Hengst –
PDFS – Through the Rabbit Hole, Foreshadow, Eternal Witch, A Body in the Attic, Emily Dahill CID, A Dog Gone Christmas, Journey to Her Dreams
Danielle Williams –
PDFS – Painted Lady, Love Octogon, The Super Spies – Cat and The Lady Killer
Monique O’Connor James

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