Ghost Stories #5 – The Haunted Roads and Streets of America

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of haunted roads. What could be creepier than cruising down the street and seeing an apparition?  Here are a few roads and highways across the country you may want to check out when you’re out on ghost hunting adventures.

Hwy 666 – This highway runs through Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico.  In 2003, the highway was renamed Route 491, but the name change hasn’t stopped the rumors that this could be the true highway to hell.  People driving along this stretch of road have reported headlights that come up behind them at great speeds.  When the driver pulls over to let the vehicle pass, it vanishes before their eyes.

Some believe the highway was built on indian burial grounds.  Native American tradition teaches that once a medicine man passes away, he can become a skin walker and transform into various animals.  These animals have been known to dart out in front of vehicles, and it is believed they are issuing a warning for the travelers to end their journey on the highway.

Many people have witnessed a pack of dogs deemed the hounds of hell here.  These beasts can run as fast as the vehicles they are chasing and have the power to shred tires.  Perhaps the scariest of all the claims is that people simply disappear on this road, sometimes leaving their cars and belongings behind.

Archer Avenue – Chicago – Archer Avenue runs through the City of Chicago.  it is said that the ghost of a young, blonde girl named Resurrection Mary roams this street near Resurrection Cemetery.  A man once picked the girl up and danced with her all evening before giving her a ride home.  Near the cemetery she darted from his car and disappeared just before the entrance to the graveyard.




Boy Scout Lane – Wisconsin – It is said that in the 1950’s a scout troop was murdered here by their troop leader while on an overnight camping trip.  People who travel this road have seen the ghostly apparitions of bloody children.  Another variation of the story claims that one of the boys dropped a lantern and the boys were burned to death.  Reports of screams and smoke are rampant in this area.

Clinton Road – New Jersey – The story here is that a boy was playing on a bridge and fell over and drowned.  It is said that he will appear if you drop a coin into the water below the bridge.  Some claim he has pushed some visitors over the side of the bridge.

This road also boasts sightings of phantom vehicles, headlights with no car attached, and a ghostly Camaro driven by a blonde girl who reportedly died in a crash on the road.



Highway 11 – Alabama – Lonnie Stephens was falsely accused of killing his girlfriend.  The real killer was eventually found, but not before Lonnie escaped from a chain gang and was hit by a car trying to hitch a ride along this highway.  His ghost is often seen with arms outstretched pleading for someone to stop and give him a ride.

And of course, you knew i’d have to include a road from my home state!  There are many haunted roads in Louisiana and maybe I’ll dedicate an entire blog to them.

Canal Street – New Orleans, LA – Canal street at City Park Avenue once marked the outer limits of the city.  The most intriguing aspect about this locale is that this is the place where thirteen cemeteries converge.  Just beyond this spot is part of the roadway that used to be The New Basin Canal.  When the Irish and German immigrants who built the canal died during its construction, they were buried right where they fell.

The list of supernatural encounters in this area is long and includes:  spirits of the dead walking hand in hand; disembodied voices who speak to those at a nearby bus stop; the ghost of a young girl who runs directly into oncoming traffic; ghostly funerals that pass through the closed gates of the cemeteries; and many other restless spirits who approach both the locas and tourists.

Have you ever experienced a ghostly apparition along a highway?  Share your story with us!


Monique O’Connor James

Author of:  The Keepers, Jamais Vu, Deja Vu & The Mulligan Man published by Astraea Press.

Coming Summer 2012 – Becoming Jolie from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing


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