Ashley Godeaux Poetry Selection

I’m always astounded by beautiful poetry.  My cousin Ashley can produce the most haunting prose and I’m a little jealous.  Here is a taste.

If I had just one wish it would be…

To rewrite fate, understand destiny,

And wake up with you next to me.

If I had a chance to borrow time,

I promise you the sun would always shine above your head.

The sound of your laughter can awake the dead and force them to spring anew from their eternal bed.

Love is an addiction one that has to be fed in order to survive,

I feel like a hornet trapped in a bee’s hive.

As I stare into the mirror,

I no longer fear her.

The image that reflects through the glass…is enough to make me forget the past.

This is something to cherish…something I’ll  take with me until I perish!

This is  something I know will last…

And as time progresses it moves so slow when you’re not here,

I miss you…that’s all I know.

Just like a petal that’s fallen from a rose,

I love you, and that’s all I suppose is true.

I’m thankful I stumbled upon you…

Time is the only thing that I long for and it’s all that I fear.

All I want is to have you near.

I walk outside and stand on the front lawn,

And stare up at the evening sky,

I stand there looking up at the sleeping moon,

I know I’ll see you soon….the sun’ll rise in an hour,

And I’ll be consumed by the sparks of a meteor shower…our star is shining bright,

I’ll fall asleep with you on my mind tonight.

The writer in me can’t help but dream…

I am living proof that not everything is as it seems.

So there’s no way to justify your means by which you live,

Love is a risk you just have to take,

Sometimes you just have to put everything at stake!

🙂 ashx


Monique O’Connor James

Twitter:               mjames13

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