15 Ways to Find New Blogging Material

If you’re like me, finding things to blog about can be a challenge.  I see many lists that have ideas out there, but I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring and hope it helps you break through the idea barrier!

1.  Skim blogs geared towards writers – most of the time when you read something someone else wrote it will trigger an idea.  You don’t have to steal their content to use the idea as a springboard.

2.  Read writer’s guest posts on other blogs – Especially when you need to do a guest blog yourself, seeing what other writers have posted on a blog can be extremely helpful in figure out what their readers like.

3.  Blast your opinion about something you read in another blog.  A sure-fire way to draw attention and stir up a little controversy is to be brave enough to state your opinion.

4.  Watch YouTube Videos – Blog about something silly you saw and YouTube and share it with your readers for some comic relief!

5.  Blog about your MISTAKES!  Yes we all make them, and by sharing how we fixed them we can learn from each other.  You can even blog about the mistakes your critique partner found in your work in progress!

6.  Fall back on a review of a new author or an old pro you adore.

7.  Update an old blog post – We all have those posts that got more hits than any other.  Update it and run it again!

8.  Do an interview – put a twist on it and interview a fan or reader.

9.  Write a letter to someone, your parents, kids, a congressman – whoever, then post it!

10.  Share YOUR experience in the writing journey.  We all want to know!

11.  Create a weekly wrap up of events on your upcoming releases, works in progress, or interesting things you find in the news.

12.  Review your favorite product.  Tell us what you really think about your Kindle or Nook!

13.  Draw a topic from questions posted on the social media sites you belong to.

14.  Post about your favorite charity!

15.  As for ideas on facebook and twitter!

Hope you enjoyed!  Let us know how you get your ideas for blog posts in the comments section!

Monique O’Connor James

Twitter:               mjames13
WordPress:         www.moniquejames.wordpress.com
Website:             www.moniqueoconnorjames.com

3 thoughts on “15 Ways to Find New Blogging Material

  1. This post is encouraging and helpful. Thank you! I’m now a fan and can’t wait to hear more about you and your writing journey:) I like the “write a letter” idea, I’ll have to incorporate that one somehow.

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