The Keepers – Announcement

After much thought on my part, I’ve decided to take The Keepers down for a couple of weeks. Meaning it won’t be on sale.  No worries it will be back soon.  There are some editing issues that the publisher and I would just like to get corrected  so the second edition will be pristine.

Astraea is a new press and we are all learning by trial and error.  In the beginning, Steph tried to keep a strict schedule for release dates. However, we have been blessed with so many wonderful, clean romances that at times meeting the release date meant that the editing was rushed.  I know on The Keepers we were three days from the release date when I was doing content edits and we still had to push  through line edits and galleys.

Steph didn’t want to disappoint so she and I pushed hard to get it released on the date we’d promised.  Since then I’ve found some editing issues.  Steph offered to allow me to go through the book and edit again, but I haven’t had time with work, school starting, and  working on another project.

The thing is, The Keepers is a beautiful story and deserves to be printed in the best form possible. For those who have read it and loved it despite the editing errors, I adore you.  For those who are waiting to read it, just give me a couple of weeks to get it perfect for you.  This may push Jamias Vu into October getting out, but it’s really important to me as a writer to give my readers and fans a clean edition.  Those who bought the first edition have a prize!  Keep  it!  They will be rare!!!

Having said all of the above, Astraea is currently looking for content editors, line editors, and proofreaders.  If you are interested please contact  Stephanie Taylor @

For those of you thinking of sending your work to Astraea just know that they have been great to work with and as they grow and change I feel they will be one of the premier publishing houses in this new world of ebooks.  Steph is always open to helping  her authors and I hope you will inundate her with submissions.

Thanks so much for your understanding and I can’t wait to get The Keepers out again and for you to read Jamais Vu.  I will always remember the support and love I got during this first release.  My  friends and fans are amazing.


Monique O’Connor James


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