5 Tips for Writing Dialogue

Sometimes dialogue can be tough!  Below are a few quick tips to help you get over the hurdle! 

1.  Listen up – Every person has a different way of speaking.  Our accents are influenced by our geographical locations and our peers.  Notice the slang terms used by the people around you.  Notice the inflection on their words and their mannerisms as they speak.  Keep a notebook handy to make notes about interesting patterns and habits you observe.

2.  Move Along – Make sure you don’t use dialogue as filler in your novel.  The words spoken by your characters should help to move the plot forward and should not bog it down.

3.  Action – Describe the actions of the characters while they speak.  What do they see?  Smell? Hear?  Use description when possible instead of dialogue tags.

4.  Punctuate – Take the time to punctuate your dialogue correctly. Doing so will insure it flows when read.

5.  Read – The best way to get a feel for the flow of your dialogue is to read it aloud.  Read and reread, until it sounds natural to you.

Hope these tips help in your writing journey!


Monique O’Connor James

Twitter:               mjames13
WordPress:         www.moniquejames.wordpress.com
Website:             www.moniqueoconnorjames.com

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