30 Bloggers You Should Follow

One of the most difficult things about marketing has been finding bloggers to do reviews, interviews, contests, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty out there. I read a figure that there are over 10,000 review bloggers on the internet.  10,000!! people doing book reviews etc.  I personally feel that number may be very modest. 

The problem is, sometimes when you approach bloggers  they don’t respond.  I’m sure they are inundated with requests and it’s hard to get to the top of the pile. 

I’ve compiled a short list of bloggers who do reviews, interviews, contests, etc.  These guys are fabulous.  They don’t just review your book; they offer a huge amount of support and will be an asset to have on your marketing team. 

Feel free to add bloggers in the comments who have been helpful to you as a writer or reader.  I will try to post a more comprehensive list at a later date when I get more suggestions!

Hope this helps you guys!

(PS:  These are in random order – so make sure you check them all out!)

1.  Thamy – www.franticreader.weebly.com

2.  Kristina Haecker – http://kristinasbooksandmore.blogspot.com

3.  Mandy Anderson – http://twimom101bookblog.blogspot.com

4.  Katrina Whittaker – http://www.pageflipperz.blogspot.com

5.  Leanne Gagnon – www.booksnmakeup.com

6. Tanya Contois –http://speedyreader_allthingsbooks.blogspot.com

7.  Sheila Deeth – http://sheiladeeth.blogspot.com

8.  Dawn Hagen – http://dawn_hagen.blogspot.com

9.  Jenn – www.romancing_the_book.com

10.  Stacey Eaton – http://staceyeatonauthor.blogspot.com

11.  Stacey Clifford – http://sassybooklovers.blogspot.com

12.  Real Teen Reviews – http://realteenreview.blogspot.com

13. Rose – http://awriterinthebigworld.blogspot.com

14. The Book Boost – http://thebookboost.blogspot.com

15. Sue – www.thewmreviewconnection.com

16.  Cheryl – http://cherylsbooknook.blogspot.com

17. Renee – www.deepintheheartofromance.com

18.  http://cluesallnightpreview.blogspot.com

19. http://bookaholicsbkd.blogspot.com

20. Tazzie – http://tazziebookreviews.blogspot.com

21. Lindsey Hutchinson – http://unitedbybooks.blogspot.com

22.  Yoly – http://moonlightbeautybooks.blogspot.com

23. www.shellygoodmanwright.com

24. Wendy Lovetiggi Gonzales – www.lovetiggibookreviews.wordpress.com

25. Susie Wilson – http://satinsbookishcorner.blogspot.com

26. Belinda – http://thebookishsnob.blogspot.com

27. Mindy – http://www.forbiddenreviews.com

28.  Andrea Kozari – http://thesecretsanctuarybooks.blogspot.com

29.  Brea Essex – http://breaessex.blogspot.com

30. http://cheekyreads.blogspot.com

Each one of these guys has done a review, interview, contests, or all of the above for me or one of my closest writer friends.  They come highly recommended!  They are always available on facebook and twitter and always promoting the books they review. 


Monique O’Connor James

Twitter:               mjames13
WordPress:         www.moniquejames.wordpress.com
Website:             www.moniqueoconnorjames.com


13 thoughts on “30 Bloggers You Should Follow

  1. Thanks for the helpful info! My co-author & I are trying to get the word out about our first book, Sirenz and are complete newbies at this. It’s so great how writers share and help each other!

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