Fan-tastic Fans #2 with Kimberly Miller-Callegan

Welcome to another addition of my FAN-Tastic Fans Blog Posts. As you know this a tribute to my fans and readers and a way to allow them to receive the recognition they deserve!

This week I got to interview Kimberly Miller-Callegan.  If you like YA this girl is your best friend…she really knows her books!!!  Kim and I only met a few months ago, but we became fast friends.  I work with Kim’s sister-in-law, Elizabeth.  One day Elizabeth told me about Kim and that she was writing a YA novel.  She asked me if I would mind if Kim called or emailed me because as a new writer she had a million questions and not many people to get information from.  Kim called that weekend and the rest is history.  She has been a great friend and a rabid supporter of my books and me personally. The first time I read her WIP I cracked up when a line of her dialogue actually said “Squee”. Ever since, she has been lovingly known in my house as Squee!    Hope you enjoy meeting her!

First tell us a little about yourself:

Squee!:  My name is Kimberly Callegan. I am happily married to my husband of twelve years and a mother of two. I am in my early thirties and am having the best time of my life! Reading is my passion and I am an aspiring author. This girl doesn’t buy clothes, jewelry and shoes, well… maybe if I find a good sale, but I prefer BOOKS, BOOKS and more BOOKS! The smell of a book when you first open it is the best smell in the world! My friends say I’m one of a kind… I take that as a compliment, I think? Reality TV entertains me (Big Brother premiers this week- yes!!) and everything stops for True Blood and Vampire Diaries.  I enjoy listening to music, preferably of the rock/alternative/punk genres. Throw a little hip hop in there and I’m down with dropping it like it’s hot!

Yea I can totally picture you droppin’ it ….lol!  When did you first develop your passion for reading?

Squee!: I’ve only been reading since last summer! I finally broke down and watched the movie Twilight. I loved it so much (maybe Robert Pattinson had a little something to do with it), I rented New Moon the following night. I then bought the series to read and I went HAYWIRE from there! I went on a reading frenzy and to date have read 95 books. That’s a lot considering I work full-time, am a wife and a mother of two young children. I’m such an avid reader, I decided to write my own novel.  It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Writing is totally therapeutic and provides me with much delight.

I’ve really enjoyed watching your writing blossom. It’s amazing that you really just got into reading. Do you have any other hobbies?

Squee!: I enjoy hanging out with my friends and laughing. I’m learning acoustic guitar and hope to get a good rhythm down. It’s not as easy as you think!

OH my fingers always hurt when I tried to play!  You go girl! Who is on your list of favorite authors?

Squee!: Well of course I have to mention Monique O’Connor James (wink, wink)! Currently, may faves are Cassandra Clare, Becca Fitzpatrick, Alyson Noel, Melissa De La Cruz, Lisa McMann, Lauren Kate, Kelley Armstrong, P.C. & Kristin Cast, Richelle Mead, James Dashner, S.L. Naeole, Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, Maggie Steifvater, Suzanne Collins, Stephanie Meyer, Gena Showalter (YA series), Shelena Shorts. Of course, the more books I read (405 on my “to be read list”) the more authors to add!

Do you find yourself getting emotionally attached to characters if a book is well written?  Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my best friend when I finish reading a book….do you do that?

Oh my gawd yes! Like big time! I love getting lost in the author’s world. It takes you away from the everydayness of life. And… book boy crushes are the best! I’m emotional for days after reading the end of a series!

Out of all the books you’ve read if you could have dinner with a character who would it be and why?

Jace Wayland from the Mortal Instruments! EEP! The boy is totally bad-ass and swoon-worthy. He’s snarky, but compassionate. I tell ya, I have a wonderful image of him in my head. He’s definitely a character I’ll always remember! (Too bad I can’t mention Matt from Jamais Vu- Sha-wing!) <—- I left this in… because Kim got a sneak peek at my September Release Jamais Vu and she um…has a crush 🙂

What are you currently reading?

Squee!: I am currently reading The Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr. I’m on book 3- Fragile Eternity.

Any strange habits while reading?

Squee!: I’m like a zombie when I read. Everything else is tuned out. My husband and kids know if they need my attention, they need to tap my shoulder because I do not hear their words. I don’t even know if my eyes blink while I’m reading!

How much description do you like in a book?

Squee!:Well, I think it’s important you have it so you can visualize. Sometimes, there is too much and you’re like “Geez, get on with the story, I don’t care!” But then in some instances, there isn’t enough. It’s very important to describe your characters, emotions and places so you feel as if you are present in the book.

What genres do you like best?

Squee!: Definitely Paranormal, Dystopian and Urban Fantasy Young Adult. I’ll eventually venture into adult books. Anything outside of those genres, I’m really not interested in at this time. Reading young adult makes me feel like a teenager again and I love it! There’s also morals in just about every young adult novel that teens or no matter how old you are can relate to. It’s a beautiful thing. I wish all these wonderful books I’ve read were out when I was a teenager. Things could have been… let’s just say, easier!

Anything else about you, you’d like to share with us?

Squee!: Not about me, but I’d like to mention one more thing… Monique O’Connor James is fabulous! If you haven’t read The Keepers, you are totally missing out!

 Ya’ll add her to your FB and Twitter and keep up with this girl! She’ll be making waves soon!!/profile.php?id=649590669

Twitter:  Kimberdee

Thanks and Cheers!

Monique O’Connor James

PS!  This blog is being posted on 7/9/11 The Keepers Ebook is on Sale for $1.99 at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Astraea Press.  Sale goes through Sunday then its back to $6.99! Catch it while you can.

Twitter:               mjames13

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