Six Sentence Sunday….they were off today but I’m posting anyway… “The Keepers” 6/7/11

Jess whipped around to see Rory hovering over the table
where she planned to play. Her breath hung up in her throat until he used his
foot to push a chair out towards her. “Have a seat, Cher.”

His smile was intoxicating, and Jess studied the busy
pattern of the rug to keep from gawking at him. She’d convinced herself the
night before, that an excess of booze influenced her perception of Justin and
his brothers, but sliding into the chair across from Rory, she struggled
against a head-rush that indicated otherwise. His brown hair was much lighter
than Justin’s and fell in untamed curls against his cheeks and forehead, and
his eyes were golden beneath a fall of thick lashes. The amber color of his
irises seemed in perpetual motion, and Jess felt the movement of the crowded
casino slow.

The Keepers will be available 6/7/11 at



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