Six Sentence Sunday: The Keepers

It was rather difficult not to feel sorry for himself. He was utterly surrounded by the stench of humanity. He had asked for this very thing. He’d wanted to commune with them, be part of their world, but he’d soon discovered they repulsed him. He watched the human race and wondered how they managed to take their faultless existence, and make it
complete crap. So he passed his time on days off watching the horrid humans, and even he found it pathetic.

Writers, Six Sentence Sunday, the lovely brainchild of the lovely Sara Brookes, is an excellent way to have fun and connect with readers and other writers. Click here for next week’s edition and join the fray.

“The Keepers”  will be available at

Monique O’Connor James


32 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: The Keepers

    • Thank you Carolyn! Ya’ll put it on your To Read List!!! 🙂 Then let me know what you think …I’m writing the sequel now. The Keepers is very emotionally charged, the follow up is just plain creepy!!!

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