Interview: Elaina Lee “First Kiss”

Elaina is not just a writer, but a gifted cover artist.  She happens to be the cover artist who is designing the cover for “The Keepers”.  I spend much time stalking her, but don’t tell her.  I’m always impressed with talent, and this chick has it!

Check back tomorrow for an excerpt from “First Kiss”!

A kiss can change everything…

 A passionate night turns into something unexpected, a chance at happiness. Until a cynical mistake and costly lie shatter everything.

When Michelle Seaborne is assigned Alexander Trent at the music label she works for, she knows she’s in for a rough time. Fifteen years ago, Alexander was her first kiss. The moment, and his handsome face, have haunted Michelle’s dreams ever since. Of course, he doesn’t remember her. So, if she plays her cards carefully, he won’t, and they can move on with the project, her heart unscathed. What she doesn’t count on is a sensuous night in his arms, and the hope for something more. Any beliefs for a relationship are dashed when Alexander hands her a box, a thank you for a night, and a goodbye.

A man can only make so many mistakes, and Alexander is ready to stop making them. At least, that’s what he keeps telling himself. An unexpected passion filled night changes everything, and unsure of the future he can give, he does the only thing he knows how. He ends anything before it can begin. Something about Michelle pulls at his memory though. Despite her assurance they’ve never met, Alexander can’t help but wonder, how does he know her? As doubts about Michelle’s words grow, so do his feelings towards her. Only now, how does he redeem himself?

Genre Contemporary Romance
Length 37k (novella)
Content Warning N/A
BUY LINKS – Amazon –

Decadent Publishing –

Elaina, Tell us a little about yourself :  I’m the mom of a toddler and a teenager *sigh*, I live in the south with my husband, who’s full time in the Army National Guard.  We have two goats, and hopefully soon we’ll have some chickens. I write any genre of romance that my muse is in the mood for  (she doesn’t care about what I want to write, I’m sort of her hostage), and I also do cover design for a handful of presses.

  1. When did you start writing?  When a teacher gave me an assignment to write a fantasy.  Every afternoon during ‘free’ time, I’d sit in front of that big ol’ Apple computer and just write.  I haven’t stopped since. 
  2. How much of your book is realistic?  Well, I like to think most, but the reviewers don’t agree, LOL!  Despite working hard to keep reactions honest, everyone reacts to situations differently, including my characters.  I try to keep their reactions as true to life as possible, but some people are disagreeing.  You’ll have to decide for yourself how realistic my characters are.  *wink*
  3. How long did it take you to write this book?   I think this book took me three months, if I remember correctly… but it was a long time ago.
  4. Any Particular song inspire this story? Actually, each of my books has a soundtrack.  I just recently went back to creating actual soundtracks (folders with songs) for each book.  I think it would be fun to post them when I’m done writing.  For First Kiss, I can’t recall now what songs inspired that book, sadly.
  5. Do you believe in happily ever after? I think we make our own HEA’s.  Life isn’t easy, but if you work hard, in life and marriage, you can be successful and have a happily-ever-after, sure.  🙂
  6. What is your current WIP about?   It’s a Southern Romantic Comedy.  My hero is from PA and he’s sent to this small southern town to see if it’s worth his firms time and money to  build a small resort.  What ensues is one insane, hilarious situation after the next.  My heroine is ‘cursed’ and has yet to make it down the aisle.  Her fiancées have a bad habit of dying on her before she gets there.  *grin* So the book is aptly titled – Happpily-Ever-After?  Not for Hollee Emmaleigh Rutherford, or H-E-A?  Not for HER.  I’m sooo close to finishing it!  If you’re curious about the story, I’ve been posting snippets on Sunday’s for  Suspenseful 7 Sentence Sunday.

Check out Elaina’s blog for fun snipets of her Work in Process!  Thanks for spending time with us Elaina!

Monique O’Connor James


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