Interview: Kay Springsteen “Lifeline Echoes”

Lifeline Echoes by Kay Springsteen; publisher Astraea Press

Kay is actually one of mentors. Her patience and knowledge has been invaluable, and I admire her as both a person and writer. Her writing will pull you in and make you root for her characters.  Thanks Kay for taking the time to visit with us today!

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Voices form a powerful connection. The day the earth rocked LA, Sandy Wheaton became a voice lifeline over the radio for trapped firefighter, “Mick.” Less than twenty-four hours later, she had fallen in love with him. Shattered when she learned that rescue came too late, she sought solace Wyoming, the home state he had loved. Now, seven years later, she’s made a life there as the owner of a popular local bar. But her wounds are still fresh, and she longs to let go of the past and her lost love so she can begin living again. That opportunity presents itself when the local prodigal son returns home. The attraction between them is instant. It feels like she’s known him far longer than just a few days.

Sixteen years ago, Ryan McGee left home in the midst of controversy. After living through a harrowing trauma, he finally returns home when his family needs his help through some troubling times. All he wants to do is make amends with those he hurt most and to get back to the life he’d never wanted to leave in the first place. When he meets the sexy bartender, he starts thinking in terms of forever. But there’s still someone out there he wants to find, someone who once believed in him and gave him hope.

Genre   Contemporary romantic suspense 

Length   90K 

Content Warning  – It’s PG based on a bit of violent content and some sensual innuendo.

Is there a message you want readers to get from your current novel?  Never give up.

Are there any new authors you are excited about? Too many to name, but one in particular would be Monique O’Connor James, and another would be my critique partner, J. Gunnar Grey.

How long did it take you to write this book?  Three months to write, four additional months to edit.

Do you have any strange quirks or rituals you adhere to while writing?  Must have chocolate available. And my Mp3 player earbuds jammed in my ear.

Any particular songs you drew inspiration from while writing this novel?  This novel was born from a challenge to write a Harlequin-length romance. I passed that goal by about 30,000 words, but the point is, I was sitting at my desk after work one night wondering what to write for the challenge, listening to my MP3 player on random. Garth Brooks came on with When You Come Back to Me Again, theme some from the movie Frequency, with Jim Caviezel. The chorus of that song is:

On a prayer,
In a song,
I hear your voice,
And it keeps me hanging on.
Oh, raining down, against the wind.
I’m reaching out,
‘Till we reach the circle’s end.
When you come back to me again.

That started the premise of the story. A trapped hero, the heroine’s voice as his lifeline….there was Mick and Angel’s story.

Other inspiring music included Bette Midler’s The Rose, as sung by Angel for Mick. Then there was Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum for Sandy’s performance in the bar. For the love scenes between Sandy and Ryan, it was–don’t laugh, back to Garth Brooks, Standing Outside the Fire.  This worked for a number of reasons – the firefighter/dispatcher angle, and the face that Sandy and Ryan’s attraction was instant and incendiary

Life is not tried it is merely survived
If you’re standing outside the fire
There’s this love that is burning
Deep in my soul
Constantly yearning to get out of control
Wanting to fly higher and higher
I can’t abide standing outside the fire

And, without giving the story away, I can’t explain this one, but There You Are by Martina McBride was a major influence on the overall love theme. Anyone who reads the novel will immediately understand every one of these references:

Every time I turn around
When I’m lost and when I’m found
Like an angel standing guard
There you are
Every time I take a breath
And when I forget to breathe
You’re watching over me
There you are
When I’m looking for the light
In the middle of the night
Searching for the brightest star
There you are

Do you believe in happily ever after? Yes, I do, but I also think when people try too hard to find it, happily ever after will prove elusive. My parents were true soul mates and they had their happily ever after until my dad passed away after they’d been married 39 years. Even after Dad’s death, my mother lived for 20 more years, missing him every day of those years.

What is your current WIP about? I am editing Elusive Echoes, Sean and Mel’s story, Ryan’s brother  in Lifeline Echoes. And I have a good running start on Hidden Echoes, with more characters from the town of Orson’s Folly (Lifeline Echoes).

What was your reaction when you were first contracted? I got the contract and the pre-edit instructions in the same night, and I started pre-editing, needing to make this as right as possible–that night.

How do you find time to write? I don’t really find time to write so much as, steal time from writing to do other things.

Have you learned anything from critique partners you’d like to share with fellow writers? Almost everything I know I learned from having my work critiqued AND from critiquing the work of others. It works both ways because teachers also learn. It is ESSENTIAL in this most competitive world that you network and that you have critique partners who will be honest with you.

If you could have dinner with any of your characters who would it be and why?  Ryan’s father Justin. He’s full of gentleness and his wisdom is unmatched – except maybe by Charlotte’s, but their story hasn’t been told yet.


4 thoughts on “Interview: Kay Springsteen “Lifeline Echoes”

  1. I love Kay’s novels. She uses all five senses in way that I’ve never seen before. In Lifeline Echoes she two people fall in love, talking over a radio- that takes talent! I already have Kay’s book so don’t include me in the drawing- great interview Monique!!

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