When I first started writing I refused to do any pre-characterization. SURPRISE!  I still stay pretty true to my “pantser” reputation, however, I did something recently which was kind of fun, and helps you get to know your characters, what goes on in their lives, and how they react.

Here’s the deal:  24 hours in the life of                  .  As a test I initially did myself.  Here is what it looked like, enjoy.

6:00 AM – The alarm clock went off – I told myself it was Saturday and the kids were using the microwave.  It was not Saturday, it was Monday.  I cussed for, fifteen minutes, when I finally rolled out of bed at 6:20.

6:45 – walking out the door CJ says he needs lunch money, and by the way he has band practice and didn’t call Granddad to pick him up.  I cuss, for five minutes, while I write a check to Live Oak Middle. 

7:00:  In the car to drop kids at various locations.  Little bit declares she doesn’t want a biscuit and she needs 24 cupcakes for school.  I only cuss, for 3 minutes, as I’m already running late. Stop for biscuits anyway, drop CJ at school.

7:30 – run in grocery store slip on freshly mopped floor, and slide down the aisle towards the bakery.  I don’t cuss, as this has only hastened my progress, however, I do yell for little bit to get the lead out.

8:15 – I’ve dropped kids off and am officially 15 minutes late for work.  I sneak in the back door and trip on the carpet. Tamara screams good morning.  Thanks.

9:00 KJ calls to find out if I dropped my car off to get the transmission fixed.  Nope, sure didn’t.  Jump in the car head to dealership.

9:30 – Hitch a ride to Enterprise, spend 30 minutes waiting for a car, chuckle at the no-smoking sign and roll the window down.

10:00 – call my dad from my desk while binding coverage on account and inputting apps on another one.  Ask him to pick up older spawn at band practice.

10:45 – phone rings – CJ’s band teacher has called off band practice.  Cuss for ten minutes while I try to get Dad to answer the phone again.  Give up, text step mom, pray he gets the message.

11:00 unexpected customer drops in to discuss what he should do, IF he opens a business next year.  Tamara walks by several times giggling in the hall.  Cuss at her for 20 minutes under my breath after he leaves.

12:00 Beg Tamara to let me stay at my desk and read emails during lunch.  It only hurts a bit when she drags me out by my hair.

1:00 Little bit’s school calls to remind me about fundraiser money.  What fundraiser?

2:00 Boss demands I work on an account we will never write, while I do a proposal and giving any evil spirits who wander by the stank eye.

2:01 Boss demands something else, but I’ve blocked him out and I can only see his lips moving. He reminds me of a demonic character I wanted to create so I jot a note and shove it into my writing bag.

3:30 – I stand on the veranda having a smoke break (which I clocked out for) and my other boss talks to me about a list of fifteen things I need to get done before I leave.  I laugh hysterically so she thinks I’m crazy.

4:14 – 1 minute til I leave KJ calls, can I pick up supper? and Colton needs poster board and printer ink for a project due tomorrow.  SURE SURE I had my cape dry cleaned, its all good.

5:30 – several text messages from irate friends who have been ignored all day.  I sit in the parking lot at Walgreens and answer.

6:00 – in the bath tub, read, wash hair, cry.

7:00 – yell at kids for not being in the tub, do homework, choke down a half a sandwich.

8:00 – snuggle next to Keith until he starts snoring then smack him with a pillow and run.

9:00 check facebook, emails and blog.

10-2:00 – write, edit.

2:00-6:00 toss, turn, cry again 🙂

Hope you enjoyed, but as you can see my personality is clear, as any character’s would be!  Have fun!


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