Are you talking about your novel?

Coming from a sales background there are certain things I know for sure. Most writers are a bit introverted and It’s difficult to open your mouth when you wondering if the person on the receiving end may think you’re psycho. 

#1 You are psycho…it doesn’t matter!

#2 Having a book published is one of those truly Americana ideals that most people fantasize about.  (okay maybe not most people, but lots of people.)

#3 You have put in an extreme amount of time, effort, and work; Without a doubt you have the right to boast.  (Boast not accost.)

#4 Excitement breeds excitement!

#5 I was  once told…if you don’t open your mouth, they have no idea what your selling.  The idea here is not to sell your book, so much as, sell yourself.

#6  Even if someone is not a reader, they usually know an avid reader and that person immediately springs to mind when you mention your novel.

#7 As hard as it maybe, at first, make sure you have copies (if it’s been printed) on hand, if not carry bookmarks, cards, anything with your info and the info of your press on it!  You want to help sell your fellow up and coming authors also, and people who love to read will check it out!

Some of us are fortunate enough to have a marketing department behind us, but no matter how hard that marketing department works, if you aren’t excited about your work, it’s hard for anyone else to be. 

I’ve been in sales for 17 years.  I sell insurance!  YUCK!  Everyone has to have it, they are usually angry about the price, and their knowledge of the product is nil.  It has taken a lot of practice to make buying insurance enjoyable for customers! 

Sincerity and developing trust is the key to selling yourself.  Once you sell yourself, selling your novel will be simply.  Rather than selling a product the customer needs, we get to sell something they want!  There are millions of books out there; why should they buy yours? 

A well written novel can sit on the self by itself gathering dust if no one is talking about it; Talk about your book!  Talk to everyone!  You deserve the moment in the spotlight.  If self-doubt creeps in, squash it under your shoe and move on! 

Good Luck!!!!

Monique O’Connor James

Author of “The Keepers” coming soon from


7 thoughts on “Are you talking about your novel?

  1. Yes, this is all very true, but first time authors have it the worst. Trust me. We’re new. We’re e-published (usually) and, if you’re not erotic, getting people to take an interest in your work DOES take a lot of work. So, selling yourself suddenly becomes more important than selling your novel. Because if they check YOU out, they’ll check out your book. 🙂 Work, work and more work! Speaking of which, I have some ad spaces I need to look into. Back to it! Great post, Monique!

  2. Though I have no published works and only finished children stories on textnovel I slowly have started marketing myself. I certainly had that fear of putting my work out in front of people, but the people I was worried about were my coworkers and my manager. I felt that my manager would somehow use it against me. I am over that now and have started enjoy the tools available on the net to promote my unpublished works. I hope I can do more though. The bookmark idea is great. I will try that as well. «thanks for the tips.

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